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Giving Good Care to Your Garage Door

Discover how to maintain your garage door effectively to ensure that your automatic system will always work safely and smoothly. Go over our blog posts.

Spot Your Garage Door Issue during Maintenance

It is a common misconception that you should begin every maintenance session with the cleaning of the door. The primary task on your agenda should be to spot any problems which may have gone unnoticed during the daily operation of the unit. It is best to start from the bottom up. Check the panels and the bottom ends of the tracks for rust. Go over the entire length of the lift cables and watch out for fraying and cuts. If you happen to spot any of these problems, you should get the cables replaced as soon as possible. You should inspect your springs for deformed coils. The extension ones are more prone to this kind of problem. If you identify it, timely spring replacement is essential.

You should carefully check the opener’s hardware parts too. Make sure that the rail holding the drive is perfectly straight. If it’s bowed, it will need timely repair. Check the trolley for wearing and deformation. If it is in less than perfect condition, it should be replaced soon or it will break and leave you without an automatic door opening.

Take Proper Care of the Panels

Take Proper Care of the PanelsOnce you have checked all hardware parts for damage and wearing as part of regular maintenance, you can focus on cleaning the panels. Steel doors are best cleaned with liquid detergent dissolved in water. Use a soft sponge to remove dirt from the panels and remember to rinse them with clean water once you are done. Again, you need to use a sponge rather than the garden hose. If you have a wood door, you need to clean it with soft lint-free cloth which is slightly damp. Refrain from using any cleaners as they may cause harm. Remember that wood doors have to be painted every year while steel ones will need painting less often. Choose high-quality exterior-grade paint which will provide maximum protection.

Do not forget to check the bottom seal and the other weather seals before or after cleaning the door. The best way to do it is to close the door fully while you are inside and the lights are switched off. If you see sunlight coming through the sides of the door, then the weather strips should be changed.

Ensure Excellent Performance of the Hardware Parts

You most certainly know the recipe for smooth hardware operation - lubrication. The ideal product is light and not sticky. It should be able to withstand temperature extremes too. For easy application, you should get lubricant in spray form. Before you begin with the lubrication, you should confirm that the components are perfectly clean. Check the steel rollers, in particular. If they have dirt, grease and debris stuck around them, use mild solvent or brake cleaner to prepare them for lubrication.

You should have a clear idea of all components and sections of the door system which have to be lubricated. The list includes torsion springs (not extension ones), steel rollers (not nylon ones), hinges and the sections where there is friction between the moving opener trolley and the stationary rail. If you have a chain or screw drive opener, you will need to lubricate the metal chain or rod. Keep in mind that manufacturers often have specific requirements for the lubricant which should be used for these components. Applying spray lubricant is fairly easy. You just need to ensure that the layer is thin, even and covers the entire surface area of the hardware part.

Choosing an Insulated Garage Door

There are two structure options. The two-layer structure is available with steel and some vinyl models. It involves a single-layer panel and a layer of insulating material which comes with protective backing, usually made from thin vinyl. The second option is a three-layer structure. It involves two layers of metal or wood and a layer of insulating material between them. This second option gives you higher R-value. This structure also results in greater weight, especially if cladding and overlay are added for aesthetic purposes. This means that you may have to upgrade to a bigger torsion spring and possibly to a more powerful motor. Research this possibility in advance to plan and budget your project for new garage door installation, accordingly.

The only insulating material available with the two-layer structure is polystyrene. It is also the only insulation option for wood garage doors given the specifics of their build. It comes in the form of rigid and light panels. It doesn’t add much to the weight of the door and had good durability. If you consider a steel door with three-layer structure, you can choose to have the hollow space between the two external layers filled with polyurethane foam. This material is better at filling gaps compared to polystyrene and has higher R-value for the same thickness. It has high resistance to moisture, mold and fire. These are all superb advantages, but they come at a higher price. If you consider the option of opener replacement as well, you should make sure it doesn't get you off the budget.

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